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E-cigarettes and E-liquids

Even though the risks of smoking is not a secret anymore, many people still find it hard to quit smoking. As such, companies and business enterprises have been quite innovative in creating smoking products that can cater to the people who smoke but lessen the possible risks and threats. One such revolutionary item is the electronic cigarette or better known as e-cigarette. These are created to appear and really feel like legitimate cigarettes even right down to the man-made fumes but the big difference is that it does not have tobacco. Customers of this item breathe in nicotine vapour which seems to be like typical cigarette smoke without having any of the hazardous cancer causing agents seen in tobacco smoke which can also have an impact not just the smoker but also those who are near him.

The electronic cigarette is made up of a nicotine container that consists of the liquid nicotine. This liquid turns to vapour that is inhaled by the user upon turning the item on courtesy of the tiny battery powering atomizer.

In order to add flair to theproduct, the liquid in the electronic cigarette has different flavors. The shortfill eliquid is made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and a specific flavouring which appeals to the user’s taste. Short fills with more vegetable glycerine will be thicker, and much more viscous which results to denser vapour mists. Shortfill eliquids that are composed of more propylene glycol will deliver less vapour but give more sensation on breathing in which is termed as throat hit.

A lot of economy e-juices utilize food grade flavouring and bundle it in cost-effective plastic material bottles. Premium shortfill eliquids may use multiple food grade flavour extracts and put it in glass bottles that does not come in cheap packaging.

Steeping your e-juice is relatively similar to letting a good wine age and will typically bring out a deeper and smoother flavour over the course of time. If your shortfills are more on the stronger side of flavouring, then you can remove the cap of the bottle and let it breathe a bit to mellow the flavour. If the flavour is on the weaker side then leave the cap of the bottle on and place it a dark place for a couple of days making sure that it is not exposed to sunlight.

E-juice is extremely sensitive to heat and sunlight because it will speed up the process of nicotine oxidation hence it is advisable to steer clear of places where there is direct sunlight. It is also a good idea to get the glass bottled ones just to ensure safe consumption.

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