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The Trend over Quality Frameless Shower Doors

There is a new trend in glass shower doors, which have become popular among homeowners, and this is the frameless glass shower door, one with a minimalist look because it is installed without frames but exudes a taste of clean aesthetics. Unlike the traditional framed glass shower doors, which make use of metal or rubber for framing the glass, manufacturers have easily responded with a variety of designs and sleek styles, leaving metal hardware out of the usual design and allowing symmetry into the bathroom surrounding.

Before being swayed by the unique and classy design, it is important that you have a pretty good idea about the pros and cons of owning a quality, frameless glass shower door, so that you are not just basing your purchase on its sleek design and how easily it can be cleaned and maintained, but that there are also downsides to it. A quality frameless glass shower door has these advantages when you opt to have this installed – it comes in a various range of interior designs and customized sizing; since it is frameless, there are no built-in grooves to hold it where the possibility of molds and dirt can stay in it; the frameless design doesn’t have a metal framing which can corrode in a long period of time and, therefore, you don’t need any kind of replacement; its transparent style provides an airy and spacious look in the bathroom; and because it looks trendy, the cost actually adds value to your home investment. If there are advantages, expect that there are disadvantages in having a quality frameless glass shower door, such as: generally, more expensive in cost than the usual framed type; tendency for water to leak out, especially if the glasses are not properly glued or aligned together and that is why the showerhead must be placed away from the glass door; tendency for the glass door to be shattered in the presence of extreme heat or pressure.

In order to maintain the quality of the frameless glass shower doors, manufacturers have come up with solutions to address some of the issues concerning this type of shower door, such as: improving installation procedures especially on the glass-cutting aspects, producing a more perfect dimension; the kind of glass being produced now are the tempered ones to ensure for a protective, shattering effect in the event that the glasses are subjected into extreme heat and pressure such that when they are smashed they are broken down into smaller pieces; add-on water treatments on the glasses help to resist water spots and this includes upgraded versions such as frosted or raindrop glasses.

For you to enjoy the investment of owning a quality frameless glass shower door, look for the right and recognized company which can guarantee you of the quality, secure installation, as well as orientation on the right way to maintain this product for a longer period of use.

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The Essential Laws of Custom Explained